Three Helpful Tips when Choosing a Sweet 16 Dress

Turning 16 is a significant step in your life. People will begin to treat you like an adult. That is why almost everyone remembers the day they turn 16 and parents will want to make their daughter’s birthday a memorable one. One of the many ways to achieve this is to ensure they wear the best birthday dress. If you are turning 16 and looking for the perfect sweet 16 dress, the tips below are for you:

Consider the Celebration and Theme

Whether you want to wear one of the best quinceanera dresses in chicago or something less formal for your 16th birthday, ensure it matches with the overall theme of the celebration. For example, if you are planning to have a formal ballroom celebration, choose a formal dress. But, if you prefer to host a dance as part of the celebration, think about wearing something loose and casual that will let you comfortably move as you dance.

Also, because the celebration is about you, ensure your dress color is in sync with the theme color. Usually, this kind of celebration wants to portray your innocence as you turn into a woman. That is why pick a theme color that portrays this. These colors include white and blue so wearing a dress of this color is just perfect.

 Consider Skin Tone

In general, skin tone can be warm or cool. When choosing your sweet 16 dress, choose a skin tone that complements your complexion’s natural undertones. In case your veins look blue, you may be cool-toned and a silver dress will flatter you more than others. You will also look lovely in white, black, and navy shades. But, if your veins look green, you may be warm-toned. Thus, a dress in an earth tone suits you perfectly.

Choose a Focal Point

You must make a standout feature a priority. This could be a turtle neck princess skirt or a plentiful glitter. If you are looking to combine a skirt piece with a top, ensure you don’t overwhelm the frame. The best sweet 16 dress has a balance between subtle touches and boldness.

Teens love to dress up and you are not an exception. You will love the entire party experience and you should be immersed with your birthday outfit’s choices of color, finished look, and type. With the perfect accessories and the right birthday theme and all other things that go with it, you will look like a modern princess and have a night to remember forever.

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