Selling Your Jewellery on Consignment

They are troubled occasions, and lots of people recycle for cash a few of their more flamboyant jewellery to pay for living costs. The safest, although not always fastest, method of doing this really is by selling your jewellery on consignment.

The very first factor you need to do is to buy it appraised with a professional. You might have received an evaluation using the item if this was purchased. Getting that sheet of paper provides you with strong bargaining power when you start your negotiations.

You will have to set the minimum amount you’ll accept for that purchase of the jewellery. This is actually the main point here amount…following the seller has had his commission. You must have decided on his percentage prior to signing an agreement. He’ll then cost the item at whatever cost he thinks he is able to have for it, and barter lower towards the minimum you’ve set.

After you have shopped for and located a jewellery shop that’s thinking about selling your piece, take it, and also the evaluation set for their examination. Get all conditions and terms on paper. As with everything, you have to take a look at several shops and pick the one which are designed for your requirements. Search for:

· A store within an area with higher traffic, a reputation we know of, and active business.

· Retail and consignment sales have to be on a single value level because the pieces you’re selling. Shoppers don’t get into an expensive jewellery shop to purchase costume jewellery. Nor will they get into a minimal-cost shop to purchase your heirlooms.

· You wouldn’t want your jewellery tossed inside a situation, poorly displayed, and barely proven. Return occasionally!

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